Project Date: April 10, 2013 Skills: Web Development

Decrease page load time by 2000%

OOBooking first contacted me after experiencing slow load times on their existing website developed by a third party. I stepped in to implement caching in a variety of areas to reduce page loads from an average of 20+secs to under 1sec.

Code consolidation

The client was also finding developers had trouble working with their codebase due to the large amount of duplicate code resulting in costlier and longer development. I consolidated their code so a single codebase capable of functioning on multiple domains while displaying separate content on each. All other duplicate code was removed to reduce their working codebase to 1/12 it’s original size leading to an decrease in development costs while increasing development speed.

Analytics integration

They also required integrated analytics for their business clients. This included displaying analytics specific to individual clients in their dashboard and an automated email each month with a PDF containing a summary of all data collected for the client displayed in user friendly graphs.

Tech: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JS, CSS, Google Analytics API’s

Client: OOBooking

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